Mentor Program

Mentor Program

Chairperson – Douglas Culliton



The mentor/mentee program is one of Photography West’s premier, unique teaching programs. The design of the M & M program is to provide an opportunity for photographers of all experience levels to follow the path to make great pictures that are of interest to them, learn tips and techniques of the Mentors, meet and network with fellow Mentees and become more confident in their skills.

The program is designed to help Mentees learn through a series of live classes,  one-on-one sessions with their mentor, homework assignments, group photo shooting sessions, hands on post processing of photographs.  The photo class lessons (2 hours) will concentrate on Composition and Lighting, Group and Self Critiquing of Pictures and post processing work with Lightroom and/or Elements.  There will be specific classes on Controlling your Camera, quick tips, and problem solving, Landscape Photography, Composition,  Flash Photography, Long Exposure Photography and High Dynamic Range Photography.  The mentee and mentor may select other areas of interest such as Portraits, Still Life Photography, Street Photography, Animals, Night Photography, Macro Photography, among others.

The program is designed for members with DSLR cameras who want to learn how to use and master their camera.  It is a prerequisite for the program that all mentees will have a working knowledge of how their camera works, knowledge of f -stops and shutter speeds as well as the use of different focal length lenses.  It is also required that they can demonstrate a working knowledge of Lightroom or Elements.    Courses will be offered in Basic Camera Operation and Elements each Fall to meet this requirement.

Individuals will be paired with Mentors (Advanced and Master Photographers) who will assist you with developing your photography skills, accompany you on photo shoots, and introduce you to intermediate and advanced techniques of photo editing. Throughout the program, mentees will be expected to regularly post process their images using editing software such as Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop or Elements. Critiques will be held each week, as well as a Photo Exhibition for the group, and a Friday Program will be put together with Mentee digital photo contributions.   There will be two group photographic shooting events.  Your mentor will also schedule other photo shooting events.  Duration of this program is ten (10) weeks from mid January through mid March.

You must be a current member of Photography West to be eligible to submit an application for the program.  The cost of the M & M Program is $50.  A check made payable to Photography West must be received within two weeks of being notified that you have been accepted into the program. As a Program Mentee, you are required to monitor in the Lab twice (two 3 hour periods) during the course of the program. Most program workshops are scheduled for two hors on Tuesday afternoons at 1:00 pm.  Some elective components may be scheduled at other times. You are expected to attend every workshop event.

If you are interested in taking the class as a Mentee or becoming a Mentor please download and fill out the application below.  Due to the Pandemic the dates to submit an application have not been set.