Monitor Sign Up

Co-Chairperson – Jan Keane

Co-Chairperson – Cindy Drolet

Co-Chairperson – Vicki McEnroe

During the pandemic masks are required in the club room.  The equipment is set up to enforce social distancing.

Use the buttons below to use the online monitor signup.  If you are new to monitoring use the “Signup to Monitor Tutorial” to learn how.  Members are required to monitor once a year (first time within a year of joining) to use the club equipment, attend workshops, and enter intra-club competitions.  You can still attend the Friday meetings and club social events if you are delinquent in your monitoring.

  1. No cancellations within seven days

  2. For emergency cancellations contact Jan Keane by phone (number is in the members roster)

  3. Questions? Email

To view monitoring times slots click on the calendar button below (this calendar updates in 24 hour periods) or click on the monitor signup button to view the available time slots.  You can view the time slots by the month, week, or day by selecting the appropriate tab on the upper right portion of the calendar.