Photography West Membership Information

To become a member you can download and fill out the membership form (located under Photography West/Forms) and bring the completed form to our weekly Friday meeting at the Stardust Theater, or the Photography West Club room during our regular hours. You can also obtain and fill out a membership form from the Photography West club room during our regular hours.  Dues are $10 per year payable when you submit your membership form.  Members must monitor once a year to use club equipment, enter club competitions, participate in workshops, or sell your work at the Village Store or Arts and Crafts Fair.  If you would like to order a name tag contact the club member in the lobby at our Friday Meetings.

All the information for club room and Friday meeting locations, and club hours during the Winter and Summer months are located on this web site.  You can use the “search” function to help you locate the appropriate information, or do not hesitate to ask a club member.

We look forward to seeing you and exploring the fun and creative world of photography.