Photography West Photo Exhibitions

Photo Exhibition

Co-Chairperson – Marcella Jones

Photo Exhibition Reception – Ellen O’Donnell

Every other Friday during the winter hours a club member hosts a photo exhibition from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the Photography West Clubroom at the Beardsley Recreation Center of 28 to 30 photographs they have taken.  There are no set themes and is a great way to share your photographs with other Sun City West residents.  Contact Ellen O’Donnell for any questions and help in setting up the reception in the Photography West club room.  The photographs will remain on display for two weeks after which they will be displayed at the Sun City West library for two weeks.  If you would like to exhibit your photographic achievements there is a signup sheet in the Photography West clubroom, or you can contact Shirley Swinney or Marcella Jones.

Following the Photo Exhibition and reception, members meet at a various local restaurants to enjoy a dinner meal and the company of fellow members and guests. If you would like to suggest a restaurant location that would accommodate a group of 20-30 people, please contact Beth Tewhill or Judy Applebaum. If you would like to attend the dinner, register at the Friday meeting, the Photo Exhibition, or contact Beth Tewhill or Judy Applebaum



Each scheduled exhibitor will place 24 to 30 photos in the club room on the Thursday before the exhibit date. After two weeks, 24 of the photos will be taken to the library for another two weeks of viewing.

The photos can be viewed in the club room from 2:00 to 4:00 on the Friday of the scheduled Photo Exhibition.  Due to social distancing restrictions we can only have 10 people in the club room at a time. Masks will be required.  Please enjoy the photos, however if there is a long line of people outside the club room waiting to enter please leave when done viewing the photos.  There will be no food in the club room during the exhibition or a dinner afterwards.

The photos can be viewed in the club room on Monday thru Thursday during the regular club hours (Noon to 3:00 PM).  After they are moved to the Library they can be viewed during regular library hours.

To view upcoming photo exhibitions click on the calendar button below.  You can view photo exhibitions by the month, week, or day by selecting the appropriate tab on the upper right portion of the calendar.  If you click on the agenda tab, the photo exhibitions are displayed in an upcoming chronological order.

You can view past exhibitions by clicking on the button of the exhibition you want to view.