Competition Classes

Bernardine Ginsburg

The Photography competitions are broken separated into three classes, B (beginner), A (advanced), and M (master).  All new members will start in the beginner class regardless of photography background.  You will accumulate points for each place you win in the projected image and print competitions.  For each first place you will be awarded 3 points, 2 points for each second place, and 1 point for each third place.  You will need to accumulate 31 points to advance from the beginner class to the advanced, and 81 points to advance from the advanced class to the master class.  

Members points and standings are updated twice a year once in the Fall after the print competition and again in the spring after the projected image competition. You can cl ick on the button below to check and see your current class. If  have any questions please contact the chairperson of the print or projected image competitionYou will need to know what class you are in when submitting an image for competition.