Photography West Sponsored Social Events

Co-Chairperson – BethTewhill

Co-Chairperson – Roni Chapman


  • The club hosts various social events during the Winter months including but not limited to the Halloween Party and Christmas Parties, All socials will be announced during the Friday meetings and be regularly updated below.  Use the link below to see a description of the party and dates, and how to make a reservation.

  • Summer happy hours take place in the Beardsley Lab.  Please bring either an appetizer or dessert, and the beverage of your choice (yes adult beverages are allowed).  Check the club calendar for future dates and times.

  • Following the every other Friday Photo Exhibition, members meet at various local restaurants to enjoy their dinner meal and company of fellow members and guests. If you would like to suggest a restaurant location that would accommodate a group of 20-30 people, please contact Bob Hankin. If you would like to attend the dinner, register at the Friday meeting, the Photo Exhibition, or contact Bob Hankin.