Competitions Sponsored by Outside Organizations


Club members can participate in three non-club competitions during the year. An entry fee is required for each competition. A description of the organization hosting the competition, the type of competition (print or digital), dates, information how to enter, and the Photography West representative follow.

Arizona Camera Club Council (ACCC)

Club Representative – John Frelich

Fall 2020 Round Up

The Fall 2020 Round-Up with the guest speaker Colleen Minuik-Sperry will be virtual and only inlcude digital images presented through a webinar (there will not be a Print Contest due to the pandemic.)  The cost of participation in the webinar is $5 per computer with registration now open. Instructions on how to register and submit your digital images can be found on ACCC home page through the button below. The fall  2020 rotating category is cell phone photography. Photography West will be adding a special award for the best “Night Skies” image to the ACCC for this Round Up. Entries will be accepted until midnight, October 9, 2020. Additional information can be accessed through September edition of the ACCC Chronicle and Fall Round Up Flyer below and button below.

Grand Canyon Circuit (GCC)

GCC Representative – Susan Cowles

The Grand Canyon Circuit Competition holds competitions for three divisions in numerous categories. The circuits are recognized by the Photographic Society of America (PSA), however you do not need to be a PSA member to join.  Contact Susan Cowles if you have any questions.

Photographic Society of America (PSA)

PSA Representative – Larry Cowles

PSA Representative – Susan Cowles

Photographic Society of America (PSA)

PSA has members in over 70 countries.  Membership offers a wide variety of services and activities including; a monthly journal, courses, competitions, an annual conference, recognition of photographic achievement and service, and discounts on photography products and services.  Click the buttons below to visit the PSA home and news.
  • Projected Image Division (PID)
  • Nature Division (ND)
  • Photojournalism Division (PJD)
  • Photo Travel Division (PTD)
  • Pictorial Print Division (PPD)
  • 3D Division (3DD)