Photography West Workshops

Composition, Lighting, Subject, Exposure, Digital Editing

Chairperson – Douglas Culliton

Photography West Computer Lab

Due to the pandemic, workshops will conducted using Zoom virtual at no cost to members when instructors and the schedule are set.  A Flash will be sent when the classes on open for registration.

The Photography West Camera Club provides a variety of instructional programs, workshops, and mentoring opportunities to enhance members’ photographic and technical knowledge. Workshops in the Photography West State of the art computer lad are offered to members who have varying degrees of experience and expertise.

For the beginner, there are programs on basic camera skills, black & white photography, and basic composition to name a few. For more advanced photographer, there are programs about editing, lighting, and creative photographic techniques. 

Visit the Workshop calendar and discover the many opportunities to learn more about photography.  If have an interest in a workshop topic that is not offered, please send click on the button “workshop interest” below to send an email with a brief description and any other members that would also be interested in the workshop.

We are always looking for instructors to share their knowledge, expertise, tips, and techniques on any topic that may help members improve their skills. If you would like to be an instructor, please fill out the instructors application below and contact the workshop coordinator.


To view upcoming workshops click on the calendar button below.  You can view workshops by the month, week, or day by selecting the appropriate tab on the upper right portion of the calendar.  If you click on the agenda tab, the workshops are displayed in an upcoming chronological order.